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Racking and Shelving 

Pallet Racks 

Interlake Mecalux

Roll-formed pallet racks are the most popular, functional racking in the industry. As the best solution for warehouse systems with palletized products, they store a wide variety of goods.


  • Direct access to each pallet

  • Simple stock management

  • Adaptable to any product volume, weight or size

  • Cost savings through wide span beams with piston lock connectors

Interlake Mecalux pallet racking comes with either bolted or boltless (welded) frames. The company's patented beam-to-frame connection creates the most rigid, reliable structure available. In addition, it provides exceptional protection against damage, tampering, as well as accidental beam disengagement.

We only use high-strength steel, certified to meet the strictest specifications. All weld operations are controlled through advanced robotics or performed by welders certified to AWS Standards. Baked enamel finishes and a durable powder coating ensure a long service life of rack systems, even under the most demanding industrial conditions.

Pallet rack shelving can be configured for a variety of uses and product sizes. One option is double-depth racks, which increase storage capacity by enabling four pallets to be stacked back-to-back (requires a deep-reach truck). 

Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving is designed for hand-loaded, medium to heavy loads. It is ideally suited for storing small stocks of many different product types for person-to-goods picking. The system is accessed on foot, either at floor level or from elevated walkways fitted between racks.


  • Quick, easy assembly

  • Each shelving module adapts to any load configuration

  • Z-beam design houses galvanized steel shelf panels, reinforced wire decking, hanger beams for storing textiles and clothing, or particle board

Available accessories and components of Interlake Mecalux wide span storage racks can adapt your system to a broad range of pick ready warehousing requirements. Pair this rack solution with stairs and catwalks to create multi-level storage, maximizing the height of your installation.

wide span shelving.jpg
CAntilever racks .jpg

Cantilever Racks 

Cantilever structural racks are a medium to heavy-duty storage solution with load-bearing arms bolted to a steel column. This structures leave the front of the racks unobstructed for direct pick access to goods.

As the optimal storage solution for lengthy or odd-shaped loads, cantilever racking easily holds furniture, lumber, tubes, fabric rolls, and pipes. 

Available in structural steel design, this cantilever rack system is made for meidum to heavy-duty applications. This multilevel storage system is designed and engineered to offer superior strength, stability and safety. All components are treated with a durable paint for a scratch-resistance finish and a matchless professional style.



  • Wide-ranging load capacities for standard or earthquake-resistant applications 

  • Center column design creates unlimited horizontal space purposing

  • Adjustable 3-inch vertical arm spacing

  • Fully customizable

A broad array of custom designs and available accessories from Interlake Mecalux mean these cantilever rack systems can handle the bulkiest storage requirements. Modules can also be mounted on mobile bases for increased storage capacity, without limiting direct access to each stored load.

Combine your cantilever racks with other storage systems, like pallet racks and light-duty pick shelves for a well-rounded omni-channel solution.

Racking and Shelving Auxilary Services 

  • Installation, teardown and move to new locations 

  • Purchasing options of used racking and shelving 

  • other racking and shelving specialty items available 

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